Dalmatian and Zelenika railway

Track Sections

Length arround 155,5 km. Considering all sections 193 km.

Čapljina-Gabela-Hum (96 km)

: 21 stations

From Čapljina to Gabela, the trains of the Dalmatian Railway use the track of the Narenta Railway. Shortly after the junction, the railway crossed the Narenta (Neretva) and then the Krupa on a 130 meter long railway bridge. With the help of a sweeping loop, the trains overcame a ridge, then to go with a gradient of 12 to 17 per thousand at Hutovo in to Trebišnjica Valley.

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Hum-Trebinje (16,6 km)

: 6 stations

At Hum the railway branched in one direction to Uskoplje and second to Trebinje. The line in direction Trebinje had a length of 16,6 km. In the year 1931 the track was extended to Bileća.

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Hum-Uskoplje (9,4 km)

: 3 stations

The main line left Hum and the Trebišnjica valley in direction Uskoplje. At Uskoplje the railway branched again. One line in direction Dubrovnik and second in direction Montenegro and valley Zelenika.

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Uskoplje-Dubrovnik (16,5 km)

: 4 stations

At Uskoplje the railway branched. A branch line with 16.5 km length crossed the Border with Dalmatia and led down to the Dalmatian Adriatic port in Gruž. To reach this goal the reversal track tunel Knežica (276-meter) helped to manage the strong track gradient.

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Uskoplje-Zelenika (65,4 km)

: 18 stations

The mainline continued to Glavska to reach the highest point of the track and there to reach the border with Dalmatia. From the high plateau of Glavska the 53.4 km long Dalmatian section led initially with 20-25 degrees downhill through a 410 meter long spiral tunnel and a sweeping loop down to Čilipi. From Gruda the route rose again with 25 per thousand to overcome a ridge of 185 meters above sea level. The last few kilometers led down to the railhead Zelenika on the scenic bay of Kotor.

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Interesting Locations Arround this section

Source: www.ciro.herzegovinabike.ba


Track on hills where a awesome railway bridge was build which ends into one of many tunels. After the viadukt and tunel the satation Sjekose was placed. Station building was demolished at the end of the 80s. The station had three tracks.


Vjetrenica Cave

Vjetrenica (which means "wind cave" or "blowhole") is the largest and most important cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of the most important caves in the Dinaric Alps mountain range, which is famous worldwide for its karstic and speleological riches. It is located in the Popovo field in Ravno, East Herzegovina in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina..

Source: www.ciro.herzegovinabike.ba

Ravno station

During the time of railways, from the direction of the field road crossed the tracks on a transitional ramp. Near the station in direction Hum the longest retaining wall (500 m) on the route, with the decline of 12 per thousand. On that section, there si an iron bridge / viaduct that spans a deep defile of the canyon. After the viaduct route enters a tunnel Gradina L = 340.75 m. Station reception building with typical construction is now catering and tourist facility.

Source: www.ciro.herzegovinabike.ba

Zavala station

Station of second category with the dispatcher of trains, later was reduced to station forwarding department. Reception building and track area were built on high retaining walls with passage, a village pass for horse wagon. In Zavala all local, passengers and high-speed trains made a stop in order to „scaffold“ to train to seaside in Slano in Croatia. At the entrance to the station area from the direction of Ravno there was a backup water reservoir for supplying locomotives with water over water tower (gran) in special circumstances. Today this building is an restaurant.

Hrasno / Cistern

Cistern / tank is located above the station Hrasno, in once landscaped park in Carska ograda (Imperial fence). It is a unique building on the railways in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. The tank is supplied by rainwater which was collected to canals and three opened collector tanks, and beneath them closed reinforced concrete tank was built, with capacity of 7000 cubic meters of water. It was the largest structure of reinforced concrete applied in hydraulics in this part of Europe.

Source: www.ciro.herzegovinabike.ba


The station where the track was divided in direction Trebinje and Uskoplje (Dubrovnik and Zelenika). Once upon a time, a very important station is not existent any more, just a ruine of the station building can be seen on this place. Since 1901, Hum has become the largest railway junction on the railway line from Sarajevo to Zelenike and Podgorica in Montenegro. After the abolition of the railway and dismantling the tracks in the summer of 1976, on the track area in front of the railway station a facility was built for production of “heads for thread cutting” by Tool Industry from Trebinje. Today the building is demaged and fall apart.

Popovo Polje

Popovo field (Bosnian: Popovo polje, "Priest's Field") is a polje (karstic field) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in a southernmost region of the country, near the Adriatic coast. Its size is 5.9 square kilometres (2.3 sq mi). Popovo polje is one of the largest polje (karstic plains) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world, famous for its karstic phenomenons and features, and particularly the Trebišnjica river, which flows through the polje as the largest sinking river (also losing stream, or influent stream) in the world, as well as the Vjetrenica cave system, located to the west/south-western parts of the valley. Within Popovo Polje a lot of scenes were shoot for the "Winnetou" movie serial.

Source: hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutovska_tvr%C4%91ava

Old Hutovo village

Old village Hutovo known as Hadžibeg city, supposed that this fortress is existing since roman time. When you depart from Stolac in direction to Neum, on a narrow road at the foot of the mountain Zaba you will find a stone building of the Old Town in Hutovo.


Interesting Locations Arround this section

Station Trebinje

The old station with a "Ćiro" monument.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arslanagi%C4%87a_%C4%86uprija

Arslanagića most / bridge in Trebinje

Old bridge from the ottomane era. It was finished in 1574. It was placed on the village with name Arslanagići. The village is sunk in the year 1965 due to the construction of a power plant. The bridge was disconnected and rebuild few km downstream.

Track environment Ljubovo and Aleksina Međa

You are able to see the fully track with some small bridges within a distance of 7,5km. The track runs parallel to the highway.

Old stations

See ruins of stations Gornja Taleža, Ljubovo and Volujac.



Interesting Locations Arround this section

Old Western City

For some movie sets an old western city was build near Ivanica. The movie „Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten“ used this for some scenes.

Source: www.wikiwand.com/de/Dalmatinerbahn


... was a station where the track was divided in one direction to Dubrovnik and second Zelenika. of the river Buna. Hike to Herceg Stjepan is very easy. The path goes along rocky, rather arid terain, with constant zigzag rise up the mountain. After 30' walk, you reaches the medieval fortress of Herceg Stjepan.

Source: www.wikiwand.com/de/Dalmatinerbahn

Dubrovnik (Gruž)

Today the old station is not existant any more. It's the port and bus station of Dubrovnik city.

Border view

From the border (Croatia - Bosnia and Hercegovina) area you have a great look at the old track where you can see the tunel and hill breaks. Further more a great view to the Župa dubrovačka valey.


Interesting Locations Arround this section

Source: Archive Herceg Novi


The station was opened in 1901. Today the building is not existant any more. Today the old track is a walk way arround the bay of Kotor. Between Igalo and Herceg Novi a great recreation way where you can walk through the tunel in the Topla area.

Herceg Novi

New station of Herceg Novi was build in year 1934, where the station gets 2 tracks


Beach promenade

Go for a walk between Igalo and Zelenika using the old Ćiro track. You will pass two tunels and have great view of the bay of Kotor. Further more you will feel the spirit of the old days :-).

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