Narenta Track

Track Sections

Length arround 177,1 km.

Metković - Mostar (42,2 km)

: 6 stations

The first section Metković-Mostar was opened on 14.06.1885. The implementation was difficult within the Neretva canyon because of flood risk near down by the river.

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Mostar - Jablanica - Konjic (78,9 km)

: 10 stations

The section Mostar-Jablanica-Ostrožac was opened on 22. August 1888. The section Ostrožac–Konjic (13km) on 10.11.1889.

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Jablanica - Konjic section rebuilding

: 3 stations

This section (Jablanica-Konjic) was rebuilded in the year 1954, from Jablanica till Konjic because of dam building at this section. The cumulative lake arose by building the dam has flooded following stations: Rama, Zuglici, Ostrožac old and Lisicici. On this section 3 stations was placed: Jablanica, Ostrožac new and Konjic. The side effect of this was reducing the travelling time. Also this section was closed in year 1966 replaced by the new Jugoslavien railway.

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Konjic - Sarajevo (55,8 km)

: 15 stations

This section Konjic-Sarajevo was opened on 01. August 1891. Within this section the section Bradina–Raštelica was redesigned and opened in the year 1931. The same happens in the section Tarčin-Osenik-Pazarić in the year 1935. On this sections the rackrailway was replaced by implementing new tunnels (slope was reduced).

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Metkovic - Mostar the southern track

Metkovic - Žitomislići

Metkovic - Capljina - Pocitelj in direction Mostar

Žitomislići - Mostar

Zitomislici-Buna in direction Mostar

Interesting Locations Arround this section

Mostar - Stari Most

Old Ottomane bridge build in the 16. century. In the last Balkan war it was destroyed and rebuilded and inaugurated in 23.07.2004.

Buna spring in Blagaj

Vrelo Bune is the natural and architectural ensemble at the Buna river spring near Blagaj. It's one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Europe, producing approx. 30 m3/s with extremely cold and clean water.



Old ottomane village between Capljina and Mostar. Počitelj is a historic village and an open-air museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Mogorjelo is a Roman villa rustica that dates from the early fourth century. It is situated on a hill off the Neretva branch, 5 km south of Čapljina

Mostar - Jablanica - Konjic

Route with breathtaking nature! Neretva canyon, surrounding mountains, lakes and the river color is unique worldwide.

Mostar - Jablanica

Track Mostar in direction Jablanica

Jablanica - Konjic

Old Track till 1954 (yellow) - new Track since 1954 (red)

1954 track is apart of the road today (gray)

Jablanica, Rama area
Ostrožac area

Celebici and Lisicici area
Konjic area

Interesting Locations Arround this section

Jablanica Bridge - known for the WW2 battle

This bridge was blown up by TITO's partisans in march 1943 to force the river saving around 4000 wounded partisans and escaping the encirclement of axis troups. The rebuilded bridge was blowed up again by filming this heappening from 1943 in 1969. ImDB

Neretva canyon

One of the biggest and largest cayions in europe. The canyon took place between Mostar and Jablanica which a length of arrounf 50km. The nature is amazing containing severela cumulated lakes.

Eat grilled lamb in Jablanica area

One of the famous dishes in BiH is grilled lamb. If you want to taste the real lamb meat here you are on the right place.

Jablanica Dam

Dam was build in the 50's of the 20 century. It opened in 1954 and started work. Because of that several villages were flooded and railway stations has moved to other locations


Konjic Old Bridge...

...was built between 1682 and 1683. The bridge was restored to its original appearance with European financial assistance between 2003 and 2009. more information...

Jablanica lake

Greate place to rest and enjoy in the wonderful nature.

Sunken villages

When the water level is very low, you will be able to see a lot of sunken villages in the Rama area and Ostrozac village. Remains of the old track, bridges and tunels can be seen specialy in Jablanica area in direction Mostar.

TITO's Bunker in Konjic area

Atomic war command, also known as the Ark and nicknamed Tito's bunker.

Konjic - Sarajevo

Konjic - Rastelica

Rastelica - Sarajevo

Old and new track near Pazaric. Year of change 1935.

Interesting Locations Arround this section

Lukać bridge

In the mountain area of Konjic the Lukać bridge is placed with impresive dimensions of 63m length and 45m height. You can arrive this bridge by using the old railway track. Drive in direction Bradina then turn over into the village Sunji.

Spring of river Bosna

A rather unknown tourist attraction in Montenegro (Border to Bosnia and Hercegovina) is Crvena Stijena, an archaeological site from the Paleolithic Age that is situated near the village of Petrovići. It was found in year 1954. Its entrance is about 24 meters wide and the depth to the back wall is 15 meters.

Sarajevo city

City having a huge history. Visit the place where Franz Ferdinand was killed and the WW1 starts because of that heappening. Further more eat the "real" Cevapcici's and further delicious dishes.


Visit winter olympik facilities from 1984

As known, in Sarajevo area the winter olympic games from 1984 took place. You are able to visit the old buildings and places arround the city.

BosnianGauge track map!

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