Trebinje - Bileća section

Track Sections

Length arround 40km.

Old track from 1930 until 1962 (yellow 36,9km)

: 8 stations

The first section was build from Trebinje to Lastva, which was opened in the year 1930. The second part from Lastva to Bileća was opened one year later on 1931.

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New track from 1962 till the end at 26.05.1976 (red 42,3km)

: 11 stations

In the year 1962 the first dam was build on the river Trebisnjica. The first railway section was adapted for that (between Trebinje and Lastva). At the year 1966 the second and bigger dam was build, which results with the bigger lake "Bilećko Jezero". Because of that, the section has been adapted twice (Between Lastva and Bileća). The track was moved to an upper location.

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Old Section 1930-1962 (yellow track)

Trebinje - Lastva (1930)

Lastva - Bileća (1931)

Interesting Locations Arround this section


Arslanagića most / bridge new location

Old bridge from the ottomane era. It was finished in 1574. It was placed on the village with name Arslanagići. The village is sunk in the year 1965 due to the construction of a power plant. The bridge was disconnected and rebuild few km downstream.

Source: openstreetmap

Arslanagića most / bridge old location

On the regular water level you will not be able to see the sunken objects. Close to the old location of this bridge a railway bridge can be seen when the water level is low. The environment on this place is awesome and worth seeing.


Place of Bridge Grančarevo

The old Bridge in front of the dam. The bridge is not existent on this place any more. The suroundings of this place is impressive.

Grančarevo Dam

The Grančarevo Dam is an arch dam on the Trebišnjica River near Gornje Grančarevo in the municipality of Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At 123 m (404 ft) in height, it is the tallest dam in the country. Its reservoir, Bileća Lake, is the largest by volume in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. The dam was completed in 1967 and its 180 MW power station, Trebinje-1 (Čapljina) Hydroelectric Power Station, was commissioned in 1968. A smaller 8 MW power station, Treblinje-2, was completed downstream in 1979.


Bilećko Jezero / Lake

Bileća Lake (Bilećko Jezero) is an artificial lake located in the municipality of Bileća, its length forming part of the Montenegrin border thus a small part being within Montenegro. The manmade lake was created by building the Grančarevo Dam an arch dam across the Trebišnjica River, which was built in 1968. It lies in the upper and central part of Trebsinjica valley, 17 km from Trebinje town and is one of the largest lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


HE Parež / hydro power plant

The place is under the wather today. The bridge and power plant are deap in the sea. Location is placed right after the dam.

Sunken villages

When the wather level is very low you will be able to see a lot of sunken villages Some of them are: Panik, Orah, Čepelica, Zadublje and Miruše. In Panik it was an archaeology excavation, roman old village Leusinium.


Trebišnjica spring

The Trebisnjica spring is located down below village Bileća, today under water within Bileća lake. The river sources from the Dejanova pećina (Dejan's cave), Vrelo Oko (source eye) and Nikšićko vrelo (Nikšić source).

New Section 1962-1976 (red track)

Trebinje - Lastva (1962)

Lastva - Bileća (1966)

Interesting Locations Arround this section

Station Grančarevo

Station on the hills. The building is still existent. Great view point.

Crvena Stijena / Red Rock cave

A rather unknown tourist attraction in Montenegro (Border to Bosnia and Hercegovina) is Crvena Stijena, an archaeological site from the Paleolithic Age that is situated near the village of Petrovići. It was found in year 1954. Its entrance is about 24 meters wide and the depth to the back wall is 15 meters.

bridge near old Lastva station

Railway Bridge

The old Bridge beteen Donje Grančarevo and Jazina. Direct after the bridge a tunel can be seen.

Jazina and Zupa environment

Great nature and environment to see how the old track was running. A little bit of investigation is required here.

BosnianGauge track map!

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